3 Ways to Get Yourself to Work Out When It’s The Last Thing You Want to Do

You know those days when it’s 6am and getting out of your comfy bed to go sweat your tail off in a workout is the last thing you want to do? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Fortunately for all of us, “that was a bad workout” said no one ever. It’s recommended that adults get at least two and a half hours of moderately intense physical activity per week, and studies have shown sitting for extended periods of time could be extremely detrimental to a person’s health. So, the next time you’re laying in bed and getting ready to hit the “snooze” button for a third time, consider these motivational tricks.

Bring the “work” in workout

If you’re working a full-time job outside the home, that means you’re spending at least forty hours a week at the office. So, why not bring it to the place you spend most of your time? Most corporate cultures could do with a wellness injection: start small by taking a walk during your lunch break or implementing walking meetings with your team. The beauty of FORTË is that it can be done anytime, anywhere – even at an office. Rally a couple of coworkers (with management approval, of course) and turn that conference room no one ever uses or your parking lot into a one stop shop for your fitness needs.

Recruit an Accountability Buddy

Remember that 6am workout we were snoozing through earlier? Well, chances are if your best friend is also going to that class, you aren’t going to leave them hanging (at least we hope not?). Workout buddies hold us accountable to our routines, and they let us know when we’re slacking. Don’t have a close friend to tap for the role? Try a coworker! Coworkers make some of the best workout buddies around. Think about it – you see them every day, you have similar schedules, and it’s an extra opportunity to get to know each other better. Win-win-win.

Exercise The Way You Want To

Common sense tells us we’re more likely to work out (or do anything, really) if we enjoy what we’re doing. Granted, it can take some time to figure out what workouts work best for you. Fortunately, FORTË offers a wide variety of workouts to stream, and flexible fitness providers like Peerfit allow users to take advantage of in-person classes as well as streaming, all while getting your employer to foot the bill. Yoga? Cool. CrossFit? Why not. Cycling? Go for it! Challenge yourself to try a few new classes, and bring your new workout buddy along. Just like going to the grocery store or getting a haircut, setting time aside to work out is crucial for our overall health and wellness. With these tips and tricks, your workouts will feel less like something you have to do and more like something you get to do. No snoozing necessary.