Fitness Advice from 5 Top Athletes

Fitness is a big goal for many people. Now, here on FORTË we will be looking at fitness advice from some of the world’s best — and fittest — athletes. So, start taking notes!

LeBron James

James should be on a decline by now, only he isn’t, and that’s largely because he’s super fit. His secret is his commitment to staying in elite-level shape. Fitness for the newest Laker is essential, with James making sure he is as fit as he can be for the game-to-game grind of the NBA. “It’s every day,” said The King. “Around the clock every single day, working on my body. No wonder then that the many-time MVP is still playing at such a high level.

Dame Sarah Storey

Fitness is all about the right mindset for paralympian Dame Sarah Storey, and she has the medals to back up this mantra. “Mindset is a vital tool that is often underused and frequently overlooked,” Sarah told Bazaar. She emphasized that the correct mindset can “create a better environment for succeeding with new goals you may have,” although being realistic is equally important. “If you want to get fitter and healthier you have to ensure you are being realistic about what you want to achieve.”

Deontay Wilder

The Bronze Bomber shared with The Washington Post his enthusiasm for pool workouts, which are low-impact exercises. “I love the water because it builds all your muscles in your body,” Wilder explained. The Alabama native also points out that getting in the water “takes all that soreness out of your body, as well, so you’ll be ready for the next session.” And, indeed, those water workouts seem to be working, as Wilder is currently unbeaten, with a 98% knockout-to-win ratio.

JJ Watt

Nothing is too mundane when it comes to fitness. Ask NFL star JJ Watt and he’ll agree. The Wisconsin native approaches all his workouts with much fervor, including the little things like foam rolling, muscle activation exercises, and mobility drills. “It’s boring,” Watt pointed out to Men’s Health, “which is why so many people don’t want to do it,” The hulking Houston Texan is not like most people, though, and this attention to detail has made him one of the fittest and most fearsome men in all of sports.

Roger Federer

The Swiss Maestro is still fitness personified, and his Grand Slam wins in Wimbledon last year and in the Australian Open early this year is proof of it. At the age of 37 he is showing no sign of slowing down, and is number 1 on Coral’s highest earning tennis players list. He tops that list due to his prodigious talents and of course, elite level fitness, which he credits to his fitness coach, Pierre Paganini. “A big part of the reason that I’m here where I am today is definitely because of Pierre,” Federer admitted to The Star last year. The takeaway? Trust an expert! Federer does, and he is still playing great tennis at 37. Paganini is certainly an expert, as are our coaches here at FORTË. Fitness, again, is a goal of many, and if you follow these pieces of advice from five of the world’s fittest athletes, that goal looks all the more achievable.

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